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The Prisoner
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The Prisoner
La Prisonnière

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Comments (6)

Jack avatar

Imagine Almovodar, but without a hint of camp or soap. There is soap and plenty of it, but so seriously French. This is such a glorious failure. Well worth watching is is you have a sense of irony and like enjoying the well -meant but ridiculous. Really, some of it's visuals are ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A ridiculous film. It begins well enough--that is, if one is in the mood for over-saturated '60's kitsch--and then descends into psycho-sexual depths that Clouzot proves too shallow to navigate. Pretentious, ponderous and to be avoided.

Anonymous picture

I couldn't agree more! I only wish that I had read your review before wasting my time on this French merde!

Anonymous picture

Interesting, the master Clousot addressing the swinging 60s. Creative use of color and the art scene.

Anonymous picture

I did not like this film at all. I only watched it to the end for the great Laurent Terzieff who is wasting his talent in this voyeur role.

Anonymous picture

Well made, sensual French film.