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Alain Cuny

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Camille Claudel
Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani), a genius at sculpture, first becomes Rodin's (Gerard Depardieu) pupil, then his mistress. Their separation and the difficulties she encounters in gaining acceptance for her work gradually drive her into madness. Nominated for Best Actress in…
The Milky Way - La Voie Lactée
The film is inspired by the picaresque Spanish novels of the sixteenth century. Two men, part tramp, part pilgrim, are on their way to Compostello in Spain. On their way they meet a whole assortment of people - some truculent,…
Detective - Détective
This avant-garde crime drama from director Jean-Luc Godard is set in a Paris hotel where two detectives investigate the death of a mysterious character. Meanwhile, Jim Fox Warner, a boxing trainer, is hoping his boy will win, so he can…
Many Wars Ago - Uomini contro
In Northern Italy, WWI has turned into a bloody stalemate. Bogged down in their trenches on a barren highland, the men of an Italian infantry division have been given one objective: retake a commanding height from the enemy. Unfortunately, the…